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Best-selling Eaton-Vickers Piston Pumps

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Product Description

PVB15RS41CC11 PVH057R51AA10A250000001AE1AA010A PVQ10-A2R-SE1S-10-C21-11
PVB20RS41CC11 PVH057R51AA10A25000000200100010A PVQ10-A2R-SE1S-20-C21-12-S2
PVB29RS41CC11 PVH057R51AA10A250000002001AE010A PVQ10-A2R-SS1S-20-C21D-12
PVB45RS41CC11 PVH057R51AA10B252000001001AE010A PVQ10-A2R-SS1S-20-CG-30-S2
PVB5RS40CC12 PVH057R51AA10B252000001AE100010A PVQ10-A2R-SS1S-20-CM7-12
PVB6RS40CC12 PVH057R51AA10B252000001AE1AB010A PVQ10-A2R-SS3S-20-C21D-12。
PVB10RS40CC12 PVH057R51AA10E252004001AE1AE010A VQ13-A2R-SS1F-20-CG-30-S2
PVB15RS40CC12 PVH057R52AA10A250000002001AB010A PVQ20-B2L-SE1S-20-C21-12
PVB20RS40CC12 PVH057R52AA10B192000AA1001AA010A PVQ20-B2L-SE1S-20-C21D-12
PVB29RS40CC12 PVH057R52AA10B252000001001AA010A PVQ20-B2L-SE1S-20-C21V11B-13
PVB45RS40CC12 PVH057R52AA10B252000001AE100010A PVQ20-B2L-SE1S-20-CM7-12
PVB5RS41CC12 PVH057R52AA10H002000AW1001AB010A PVQ20-B2R-SE1F-20-C21-12
PVB6RS41CC12 PVH063L01AA10B142000001AC1AA010A PVQ20-B2R-SE1F-20-C21V11P-13
PVB10RS41CC12 PVH063L02AA10B252000001002AA010A PVQ20-B2R-SE1S-20-C20D-12-S2
PVB15RS41CC12 PVH063L02AA10E232008001AE1AA010A PVQ20-B2R-SE1S-20-C21-12
PVB20RS41CC12 PVH063L02AA10E232008001AN1AA010A PVQ40-B2L-SS2F-20-C21-12
PVB29RS41CC12 PVH063L02AA10E252012001001AA010A PVQ40-B2L-SS3F-20-C21-12
PVB45ARCCA70 PVH063L52AA10B252000001001AA010A PVQ40-B2L-SS3F-20-C21V11B-13
PVB6-LSW-20-CMC-11-PRC PVH063R01AA10A070000001001AA010A PVQ40-B2L-SS3F-20-C21V11P-13
PVB5-FRSY-41-CC-12-JA PVH063R01AA10A070000001001AE010A PVQ40-B2L-SS3F-20-CD21-21
PVB10-RS-31-C-11-PRC PVH063R01AA10A070000001AE1AE010A PVQ40-B2R-A9-FS2F-20-C21-12
PVB5-FRSY-41 PVH063R01AA10A070000002001AE010A PVQ40-B2R-A9-FS2F-20-C21V11B-13
PVB5-FRSY-22-CCDH-11-JA PVH063R01AA10A230000001001AE010A PVQ40-B2R-A9-FS4F-20-CD21-21
PVB5-FRSY-32-D-11-JA PVH063R01AA10D250008001001AE010A PVQ40-B2R-A9-SS2F-20-C21-12
PVB5-FRSY-31-CD-12-JA PVH074R01AA10D250012001001AE010A PVQ40-B2R-A9-SS2F-20-C21V11B-13
PVB20-RSY-20-CC-11 PVH074R01AA10D250014001001AA010A PVQ40-B2R-A9-SS2F-20-CD21-21
PVB5-RSW-20-C-Y100 PVH074R01AA10E142004001001AF010A PVQ40-B2R-A9-SS2F-20-CG-30
PVB5-FRSY-22-CD-12-JA PVH074R01AA10E212006001001AE010A PVQ40-B2R-SS4F-20-C21V11B-13
PVB10-RS-32-CC-11-PRC PVH074R01AA10E212007001001AE010A PVQ40-B2R-SS4F-20-C21V11B-13-S33
PVB5-FRSY-40-CG-11-JA PVH074R01AA10E252004001001AA010A PVQ40-B2R-SS4F-20-C21V11P-13-CD
PVB5-FRSY-20-CCG-12-JA PVH074R01AA10E252009001001AE010A PVQ40-MBR-MSNF-20-CM7D-12
PVBQA10-RSW-50-CDC-11-PRC PVH098L02AJ30A250000001002AA010A PVQ40-MBR-SSNF-20-C21D-12
PVB5-FRSY-31-CG-11-JA PVH098L02AJ30A250000001AJ100010A PVQ40-MBR-SSNF-20-CM11-12-S3
PVB20-RSY-31-CM-11 PVH098L02AJ30A250000001AJ2AA010A PVQ40-MBR-SSNF-20-CM7-12
PVB5-RSW-21-CC-11-PRC PVH098L02AJ30A250000001AT1AA010A PVQ45-B2L-A9-FS2F-20-C19-12
PVB5-FRSY-22-CG-11-JA PVH098L02AJ30A25000000200100010A PVQ45-B2L-A9-SS2F-20-C11V11B-13
PVB10-RSY-20-C-11 PVH098L02AJ30A250000002001AE010A PVQ45-B2L-SE1F-20-C19-12-CD
PVH98C-RF-2D-11-C19V-31 PVH098L02AJ30B102000AG100100010A PVQ45-B2L-SE1F-20-C19D-12
PVH98C-RF-2S-10-C17V-31 PVH098L02AJ30B102000AG1001AA010A PVQ45-B2L-SE1F-20-CD19-12
PVH98C-RF-2S-10-EDC25-10 PVH098L02AJ30B102000AG1AD1AA010A PVQ45-B2L-SE1F-20-CM7-12
PVH98C-RF-2S-11-C25V-31 PVH131L03AF30K25000000100100010A PVQ45-B2L-SE3F-20-C19-12
PVH98C-RSF-1S-10-C25-31 PVH131L12AF30A130000AG1AD1AA010A PVQ25AR01AUB0B211100A100100CD0A
PVH98C-RSF-1S-10-C25V-31 PVH131L12AF30A250000001002AA010A PVQ25AR01AUB0B211100A20002335519
PVH98C-RSF-1S-10-CM7-31 PVH131L12AF30A250000002001AB010A PVQ25AR01AUB0D0100000100100CD0A
PVH98C-RSF-2S-10-C25-31 PVH131L12AF30B25200000100100010A PVQ25AR05AUB0A2100000100100CD0A
PVH98C-RSF-2S-10-C25V-31 PVH131L12AF30B252000001001AM010A PVQ25AR05AUB0C2100000100100CD0A
PVH98QIC2-RAF-13S-11-C25VT4-31 PVH131L12AF30B252000001AD100010A PVQ400L01AA10B211100A100100CDDA
PVH98QIC3-RAF-13S-11-C25VT4-31 PVH131L12AF30B252000001AD1BG010A PVQ400L08AC10B211100A1AA100CD0A
PVH98QIC-LAF-13S-10-C25-31 PVH131L33AF30B252000001002AA010A PVQ400R01AB10A2100000200100CD0A
PVH98QIC-LAF-13S-10-C25V-31 PVH131R02AF30A25000000100100010A PVQ400R08AA10A2100000200100CD0A
PVH98QIC-LAF-3D-10-C25V-31 PVH131R02AF30A250000001001AE010A PVQ40AR01AA10A0700000100100CDOA
PVH98QIC-LAF-3S-10-C25V-31 PVH131R02AF30A250000001AT1AA010A PVQ40AR01AA10A2100000100100CD0A
PVH98QIC-LF-1S-10-C25-31 PVH131R02AF30B142000001AD200010A PVQ40AR01AA10A2100000200100CD0A
PVH98QIC-LF-1S-10-CM7-31 PVH131R02AF30B192000AA1001AA010A PVQ40AR01AA10B2111000200100CD0A
PVH98QIC-LF-1S-10-IC-31 PVH131R02AF30B21200000100200010A PVQ40AR01AA10B211100A100100CD0A
PVH98QIC-LF-2S-10-C25-31 PVH131R02AF30B25200000100100010A PVQ40AR01AA10D0100000100100CD0A
PVH74QIC-RM-2S-11-C25-31 PVH141R16AF30A070000001AD1AF010A PVQ40AR01AA30D2100000100000CD0A
PVH74QIC-RM-NS-11-CM7-31 PVH141R16AF30A230000001AD1AB010A PVQ40AR01AB10A0700000100100CD0A
PVH74QIC-RSF-1S-10-C25-31 PVH141R16AF30A250000001AJ1AE010A PVQ40AR01AB10A2100000100100CD0A
PVH74QIC-RSF-1S-10-C25V-31 PVH141R16AF30B072000001AD1AE010A PVM018ER01AS05AAB28110000A0A
PVH74QIC-RSF-1S-10-C25V-31-057 PVH141R16AF30B252000001AD1AE010A PVM074ER10GS02AAC2824000EA0A
PVH74QIC-RSF-1S-10-CM7-31 PVH141R16AF30D230004001AD1AE010A PVM020ER02AS02AAC23240000A0A
PVH74QIC-RSF-1S-10-IC-31 PVH141R16AF30E252004001AD1AA010A PVM018ER02AS02AAA28000000A0A
PVH131QPC-RCF-16S-10-CM7-31 PVH057L01AA10A2500000020010001 PVM018ER01AS02AAA28000000A0A
PVH131QPC-RF-13S-10-C14-31 PVH057L01AA10B2520000010010001 PVM045ER05CS02AAA07000000A0A
PVH131QPC-RF-13S-10-CM7-31 PVH057L02AA10B212000001AE10001 PVM045ER06CS04AAA28000000A0A
PVH131QPC-RF-13S-10-CM7V-31 PVH057L02AA10B2520000010010001 PVM045ER07CS01AAA2300000CA0A
PVH131QPC-RF-3S-11-CM7-31 PVH098R13AJ30A250000001AM1AB01 PVM057ER0PG502AAA28000000A0A
PVH131QPC-RSF-13S-10-CM7-31 PVH098R13AJ30B252000001AD1AB01 PVM098ER09GS02AAA2811000BA0B
PVH141C-RF-6S-11-C25V-31-194 PVH098R13AJ30E252010001AD1AE01 PVM106ER096502AAA2300000A0A
PVH141QIC-RAF-16S-10-C23-31 PVH098R13AJ30E252018001AD1AE01 PVM131ER10GS02AAA23000000AOA
PVH141QIC-RM-13S-11-C21V-31 PVH098R13AJ30H002000AW1AD1AB01 PVM018EL07CS02AAB28110000A0A
PVH141QPC-RF-13S-10-CM7-31 PVH098R13AJ70B252000001AD1AE01 PVM045ER05CS02AAA28000000A0A
PVH57C2-LAF-2S-11-C25VT4-31 PVH098R51AD30A070000002001AF01 PVM018ER05CS0100A23000000A0A
PVH57C-LAF-1S-10-C12V-31 PVH131L02AF30B252000001AJ1AA01 PVM018ER07CS02AAB28110000A0A
PVH57C-LAF-1S-10-C25V-31 PVH131L02AF30B252000AL1001AP01 PVM018ER07CS02ASA2800000BA0A
PVH57C-LAF-2S-10-C25V-31-027 PVH131L02AF30B253100001001AA01 PVM074ER19FS04AUF0020000000A
PVH57C-LAM-2S-10-C21V-31 PVH131L03AF30A2500000010010001 PVM098ER10GS04AAB28110000A0A
PVH57C-LBF-2S-10-C12V-31-227 PVH131L03AF30B2520000010010001 PVM098ER19FS04AAA28000000A0A
PVH57C-LBF-2S-10-C17V-31 PVH131L03AF30B252000001AD10001 PVM098ML11GS02ABC152600G0A0A
PVH57C-LF-1S-10-C21-31 PVH141R13AF70E232004001001AE01 PVM106ER11GS02AAF00200000A0A
PVH106C-RF-1S-11-C23-31 PVH141R16AF30A230000001AD1AB01 PVM131EL11ES02AAC28200000A0A
PVH106QIC-RF-1S-11-C23-31 PVH141R16AF30B252000001AD1AE01 PVM131ER09GS02AAA28000000A0A
PVH131C3-RF-13S-11-C25-31 PVH1313THRUSHAFT PVM098ER09GS02AAA28000000A0A
PVH131C-LAF-12D-11-C28V-31 PVH131LFWAFERPLATE PVM131ER09GS02AAC23200000A0A
PVH131C-LAF-16S-10-C25V-31 PVH45B2ERFNFS1S40C28V11P PVM098ER09GS02AAC28200000A0A
PVQ32-B2R-SE3S-21-C14D-12 PVH45B2ERSNFS2S40C21V11B PVM131ER10GS02AAC28200000A0A
PVQ32-B2R-A9-SS1S-21-C14-12 PVH98R02AJ30A070000001AD1AB010A PVM131ER11ES02AAC2820000EA0A
PVQ32-B2R-SE1S-21-C14V11B-13 PVQ13-A2R-SE1S-20-C14D-12 PVM131ER13GS02AAF00200000A0A
PVQ32-B2R-SS1S-21-C14V11 PD-13 PVQ13-A2R-SS1F-20-CG-30-S2 PVE19AR02AC10A21000001AA1APCD0A
PVQ20-B2R-SS1S-21-CG-30 PVQ13-A2R-SE1S-20-CG-30-S2 PVE19AR05AA10A400000F100100CD0
PVQ20-B2R-SE1S-21-CG-30 PVQ13-A2R-SE1S-20-CM7-12-S2 PVE19AR05AA10B211100A100100CD0A
PVQ20-B2R-SS1S-21-C21-12 PVQ13-A2R-SE1S-20-CM4-12-S2 PVE19AR08AA10A2100000100100CD0
PVQ20-B2R-SE1S-21-CM7-12 PVQ13-A2R-SE1S-20-C14-12-S2 PVE19AR08AA10B211100A100100CD0A
PVQ20-B2R-SE1S-21-CGD-30 PVQ10-A2R-SE1S-20-CG-30 PVE19AR08AA10B33110001AK100CD0
PVQ20-B2L-SE1S-21-C21-12 PVQ10-A2R-SE3S-20-CG-30 PVE19L/PVE19L
PVQ20-B2R-SE1S-21-C21-12 PVQ10-A2R-SS3S-20-CG-30 PVE19R/PVE19R
PVE012R05AV60B20220001001AD0K5 PVQ10-A2L-SE1S-20-CG-30 PVE21B2LSTE9F41C19VP11B13
PVE012R05AV60B20300001001AD0K5 PVQ10-A2R-SS1S-20-CG-30 PVE21B2LSTS2F41C1912
PVE012R06AUB0B131100A100100CD7 PVQ10-A2R-SE1S-20-CGD-30 PVE21B2LSTS2F41C19VP11B13
PVE012R09AUB0B241100A100100CD0 PVQ10-A2R-SE1S-20-CM7-12 PVE21B2RSTE2F41C19VP11P13
PVE12R-B2-MS-10-C20VPC30-P-12-265 PVQ10-A2L-SE1S-20-CM7-12 PVE190R02AA10B2111000100100CD0A
PVE1919R-2-30-CVPC-12-CVPC-12 PVE19L-9-30-CV-10 PVE190R02AA10B21110006001AGCD0A
PVE19AL01AA10A070000G1001APCD0 PVE19L-9-30-CVP-12 PVE190R05AA10A2100000100100CD0A
PVE19AL01AA10B21110001001AGCD0 PVE19AL01AA30A070000G1001AP000-00-S26 PVE190R05AC10B211100A1AA100CD0A
PVE19L-9-40-C-10-030 PVE19L-9-40-C-10-231 PVE1919LQ1830230CVP12CVP
PVE19AL01AA30A070000G1001APCD0 PVE19-PVE19L-02-465675 PVE19AL02AA10B21110001001AGCD0
PVE19AL02AA10A2100000100100CD0 PVE19-PVE19R-02-465509 PVE19AL02AA10B211100A100100CD0A
PVE19AL02AA10B211100A100100CD0 PVE2121L-2-30-CVPC-12-CVPC-12-02-159627 PVE19AL05AA10B211100A100100CD0A
PVE19AL04AA10A30000001001AMCD0 PVE21AL02AA10A1800000100100CD0 PVE19AL08AA10A2100000100100CD0A
PVE21AL04AA10B20170001001AHCC3 PVE21AL02AA10B181100A100100CD0 PVE19AL08AA10B211100A100100CD0A
PVE21B2RSTE2F41C19VP11P13 PVE21AL02AA10B181100A1AA100CD0 PVE19AL08AA10H211100A1001AGCD0
PVE210L08AA10B1811000100100CD0A PVE21AL02AC10B181100A1AA100CD0 PVE19AR01AA10A140000E100100CD0A

With one of the most expansive offerings of hydraulic pumps on the market, Eaton delivers unmatched functionality and durability for a variety of industrial and mobile systems. Whatever sizes or operating pressures are required, Eaton has the perfect pump for the most demanding hydraulic applications.

1.Industrial Open Circuit Piston Pumps
With an expansive range of available features and design options, Eaton industrial open-circuit piston pumps provide both the performance and flexibility required to fit medium-duty fluid power systems.

Included hydraulic pump families like DuraForce HPR, PVB, PVH, PVW, PVX, PVM and PVQ Series cover various displacements and operating pressures, so there’s an Eaton industrial open-circuit piston pump to meet the requirements of just about any application.

PVM Series Open Circuit Piston Pumps

Eaton's PVM Series open circuit piston pumps lead the industry in noise reduction, compact size, pressure rating and compatibility with smarter components – empowering you to build machines that provide unprecedented controllability, efficiency and productivity.

Features that help your customers pump up production and efficiency.
Optional Power Control – helps the machine use power more accurately and efficiently, dramatically enhancing machine performance and productivity
Variable-speed technology – The PVM Series generates power far more efficiently than conventional fixed-speed pumps, helping customers get more done in less time
Better energy efficiency – the PVM Series generates less heat, which eliminates the need for costly, energy-consuming cooling equipment.

Hydrokraft PVW & PFW
Engineered for primary metals power units, marine cranes, thrusters and more, Eaton Hydrokraft PVW & PFW Series piston pumps feature variable or fixed displacements from 130 cc to 750 cc (7.93 to 44.55 cu in) at operating pressures up to 350 bar (5,075 psi). A tension-rod design and industry-standard mounting capabilities make these open-circuit pumps a perfect fit for many applications.

PVB Series
For smaller applications such as conveyor lines, injection molding machines or small presses, consider versatile, compact PVB Series piston pumps from Eaton. With an open-circuit, variable-displacement design, PVB Series piston pumps are available with displacements from 10 to 94 cc (0.6 to 5.74 cu in) and operating pressures up to 210 bar (3,045 psi).

PVQ Series
With a lower operating pressure and smaller variable displacement, Eaton PVQ Series piston pumps are a versatile option for machine tools, small presses and shears, conveyor lines and more. Their displacements range from 10 cc to 45 cc (0.6 to 2.75 cu in) at operating pressures up to 210 bar (3,045 psi) to effectively handle lower pressure applications.

PVH Series
For mid-range applications like machine tools, plastics or construction, Eaton PVH Series piston pumps are available with displacements from 57 to 141 cc (3.48 to 8.67 cu in) at operating pressures up to 250 bar (3,625 psi). Featuring the widest range of control options, including torque-limiting capabilities, the PVH Series offers plenty of flexibility and long-lasting durability to keep equipment running strong.

Hydrokraft PVX & PFX
The wide-range fixed and variable displacements of Eaton PVX & PFX Series piston pumps make them ideal for use with primary metal power units, test stands, mixer drives and more. They come in a robust housing enclosure and are available with displacements from 66 cc to 250 cc (4.03 to 15.26 cu in) at operating pressures up to 350 bar (5,075 psi) for broader application.

DuraForce HPR Series
The extreme precision and durability of Eaton DuraForce HPR Series Pumps make them a top candidate for highly efficient vehicle control systems for agriculture, forestry, construction, mining and more. With displacements from 55 cc to 280 cc (3.57 to 17.1 cu in) at operating pressures up to 420 bar (6100 psi), DuraForce HPR Series Pumps feature a flexible, modular design that enables interchangeability across many applications.

2.Industrial Closed Circuit Piston Pumps
Industrial applications require industrial-strength hydraulic systems—like those built with Eaton Hydrokraft axial closed-circuit piston pumps. With a reliable cradle-type swash plate to optimize performance over an extended service life, closed-circuit industrial pumps from Eaton feature a through-drive design that facilitates multi-pump installations on a single shaft. Complete closed-circuit systems are available as a package to meet the needs of machine tools, molding machines, manufacturing equipment, power generation equipment, port machinery and equipment for the oil/gas, civil engineering and entertainment industries.

DuraForce HPV Series
Precision control is always of the utmost importance both for productivity and safety in applications from agriculture and forestry to construction, mining and more. The Eaton DuraForce HPV Series efficiently provides just that with long lasting axial piston pumps available with displacements from 55 cc to 280 cc (3.57 to 17.1 cu in) at operating pressures up to 420 bar (6,100 psi). With a modular, efficient and cost-effective design, flexible HPV pumps are ideal for hydraulic systems in many industries.

TVX Variable
The precise controllers of Eaton TVX Series variable closed-circuit piston pumps provide added efficiency in crusher feeder drives, dewatering presses, cranes and more. With a variable displacement from 66 cc to 90 cc (4.0 to 5.5 cu in) at operating pressures up to 350 bar (5,076 psi), the TVX Series also features extra large bearings to reduce the maintenance and downtime for hydraulic systems.

TVW Variable
Eaton developed Hydrokraft TVW Series variable closed-circuit piston pumps for industrial applications such as thrusters, marine cranes and turbine starters. With displacements from 130 cc to 750 cc (7.93 to 45.77 cu in) at operating pressures up to 350 bar (5,076 psi), the TVW Series also features a through-drive design, an integrated HST circuit and a wide range of controls to maximize installation and usage flexibility.

3.Mobile Open Circuit Piston Pumps
Eaton’s extensive line of mobile open-circuit piston pumps gives engineers and operators customizable options and features that improve density, flexibility and energy efficiency for a wide range of industries and applications. From the newer X20 portfolio that features greater reliability and productivity in a small, lightweight package, to the variable and fixed displacement options of the PVM, PVH, PVE, PVB and MD PFC Series, Eaton pumps continue to lead the industry in innovation and efficiency.

X20 Series Piston Pumps
The Eaton X20 portfolio of open-circuit piston pumps meets the demands of mobile equipment engineers and operators looking for greater power density. The reliability and productivity of these small, lightweight pumps makes them the ideal solution for a wide range of medium-pressure mobile applications.

Common applications include sprayers, combines, harvesters, windrowers, snow removal trucks, refuse trucks, fire trucks, salt spreaders, crane/winch, telehandlers, aerial lifts, railcar movers, wheel loaders, mini excavators, backhoe loaders and crawler/dozers in the agriculture, commercial vehicle, material handling and construction segments.

Addresses these engineering challenges:
Need for increased pressure responsiveness that results in immediate steering response to the machine
Consistent flow stability throughout shifts in pressure
More control options (than standard gear pumps) to further drive machine efficiency
Need for more efficient cooling and fan drive system to help meet Tier 4 emissions standards.

PVH Series
Get the power of Eaton technology—including our precision manufacturing and proven inline piston design—in a small, light and quiet package: the PVH Series. Optimized for up to 250 bar (3,625 psi), high flow, continuous duty applications on mobile equipment, PVH Series pumps are perfect for equipment like skid steer loaders, boom lifts and more.

DuraForce HPR Pumps
The extreme precision and durability of Eaton DuraForce™ HPR Series heavy-duty open-circuit pumps make them a top candidate for highly efficient vehicle control systems for agriculture, forestry, construction, mining and more. With displacements from 55 cc to 280 cc (3.57 to 17.1 cu in) at operating pressures up to 420 bar (6,100 psi), DuraForce pumps feature a flexible, modular design that enables interchangeability across a variety of applications.

MD PFC Series
Whether a hydraulic system is integrated into a skid steer loader, a boom lift or some other important application, customization and fit is always key. That’s why the Eaton Medium Duty Pressure or Pressure-Flow Compensated (MD-PFC) Series of piston pumps provides four different options specifically designed for applications requiring lightweight design, lower displacements and multiple configuration capabilities.

PVE Series
Featuring a die-cast aluminum housing to reduce weight, Eaton PVE Series pumps are the perfect hydraulic solution for unsupported PTO drive applications whether in the field or on the warehouse floor. They’re available with widely-used options—including mobile pressure compensation, pressure and flow compensation, and remote pressure control—to increase their versatility across a broader range of applications.

4.Mobile Closed Circuit Piston Pumps
No matter what the mobile application requires, there’s an Eaton mobile closed-circuit piston pump that’s just right for the job. Designed for vehicles with mid-range pump/motor hydraulic systems operating at pressures up to 380 bar (5,500 psi) and powered by engines of less than 63.4 kW (86 hp), these products provide excellent control for systems and equipment in agriculture, construction, earthmoving, forestry, mining, material handling, turf maintenance, automotive and utility industries.

DuraForce HPV
Precision control is always of the utmost importance both for productivity and safety in applications from agriculture and forestry to construction, mining and more. The Eaton DuraForce™ HPV Series efficiently provides just that with long lasting axial piston pumps available with displacements from 55 cc to 280 cc (3.57 to 17.1 cu in) at operating pressures up to 420 bar (6,100 psi). With a modular, efficient and cost-effective design, flexible HPV pumps are ideal for hydraulic systems in many industries.

Heavy Duty
At Eaton, the words “heavy duty” are never taken lightly. That’s why Eaton heavy-duty hydrostatic piston pumps are optimized for the most demanding applications, from combines and farm tractors to construction equipment and timber harvesters. Our Series 1 and Series 2 heavy-duty hydrostatic pumps operate at pressures up to 413 bar (6,000 psi) and input speeds up to 4,510 rpm, all while delivering 10,000-hour B10 bearing life. The result: the most efficient and reliable performance possible.

Light Duty, Hydrostatic
Even the smallest equipment requires reliable hydraulic systems. In order to reduce sensitivity to overheating, Eaton light-duty hydrostatic pumps feature a proven radial ball piston design. A perfect complement to the Eaton Char-Lynn® motor product line, these tough, reliable pumps ensure a smooth start on mobile equipment such as lawn tractors and concrete saws where operator comfort is key to productivity.

Medium Duty
Sometimes bigger isn’t better—but having the perfect fit for the application is. Engineers rely on Eaton’s mobile medium-duty closed-circuit hydrostatic piston pumps for exactly that fit in vehicles using mid-range pump/motor hydraulic systems. Rated for operating at pressures up to 380 bar (5,500 psi) while powered by engines of less than 82 kW (110 hp), Eaton medium-duty pumps offer the perfect middle ground solution for a variety of applications.


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