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56B-13-30060 TRANSMISSION AS 1518
235-15-21021 TRANSMISSION AS 890
427-15-11020 TRANSMISSION 2710
561-15-61032 TRANSMISSION AS 1446
561-15-61003 TRANSMISSION AS 1384
710-93-40002 TRANSMISSION AS 1783
561-15-51023 TRANSMISSION AS 1339
561-15-61062 TRANSMISSION AS 1610
198-15-31050 TRANSMISSION AS 1334
569-15-81000 TRANSMISSION AS 1308
56B-13-30030 TRANSMISSION AS 1529
198-15-41002 TRANSMISSION AS 1335
569-15-71030 TRANSMISSION AS 1266
710-84-10001 TRANSMISSION AS 1390
428-15-02000 TRANSMISSION 1999
569-15-71001 TRANSMISSION AS 1232
569-15-51031 TRANSMISSION AS 1230
569-15-51003 TRANSMISSION AS 1226
235-15-21020 TRANSMISSION AS 890
56B-13-10033 TRANSMISSION AS 1498
56B-13-10008 TRANSMISSION AS 1578
710-93-X0001 TRANSMISSION AS 1815
56B-13-X0000 TRANSMISSION AS 1365
428-15-21030 TRANSMISSION AS 1724
56B-13-30000 TRANSMISSION AS 1646

Mechanical gearboxes KOMATSU TRANSMISSION 17M-15-00072 mainly apply the principle of gear reduction. To put it simply, TRANSMISSION there are multiple sets of gear pairs with different gear ratios in the gearbox. The gear shifting behavior of the vehicle, that is, the different gear pairs in the gearbox KOMATSU TRANSMISSION 17M-15-00072 are operated through the operating mechanism. For example, at a low speed, TRANSMISSION a gear pair with a large transmission ratio is operated, and at a high speed, a gear pair with a small transmission ratio is operated.
Basic terminology for transmissions:
(1)KOMATSU TRANSMISSION 17M-15-00072 Driving gear and driven gear. The input shaft can be understood as being connected to the clutch and rotating under the driving of the engine. The gear TRANSMISSION fixed on the input shaft is synchronously rotated. The gear is called the driving gear and the gear connected with the output shaft is then forced to rotate. This gear is called a driven gear.
(2) Transmission ratio i. TRANSMISSION The ratio of the number of teeth of the driven gear to the number of teeth of the drive gear is defined as a gear ratio.
When the relationship between the number of teeth of the driven gear TRANSMISSION and the number of teeth of the driving gear changes, the gear ratio i changes, and under the condition that the KOMATSU TRANSMISSION 17M-15-00072 engine rotation speed does not change, the output shaft rotation speed changes, that is, the wheel rotation speed changes. A pair of meshing gears will not change the number of teeth in use, so its gear ratio is fixed. If a plurality of gears with different numbers of teeth are arranged on the input shaft and the corresponding gears on the output shaft TRANSMISSION are also meshed with changing gears, a set of stepped transmissions with different gear ratios i can be obtained. The automobile transmission is based on this basic principle to achieve gear shifting.
(3) Forward gear, a gear TRANSMISSION that can move the car forward. Reverse gear can make the car reverse the driving position. In neutral, all gears in the transmission are not in the working position. At this time, after the engine power is input to the input shaft, it is no longer transmitted to the output shaft.
(4) Direct file. The engine power is not transmitted through any gear in the transmission, but the gear directly output through the transmission input shaft and the output shaft directly integrated with it is called a direct gear. Direct gear ratio is 1.
(5) Overdrive. That is, the speed of the output shaft is higher than the speed of the input shaft.
(6) The number of files. It refers to the number of gears that a stepped gear transmission has. The number of common gear transmissions is four to five, and three-speed transmissions are rare. The more gears, the better the car's adaptability to driving conditions and the lower the fuel consumption, but the more complicated the transmission transmission mechanism and operating mechanism are, the more difficult it is to operate and the higher the cost.
(7) Low-grade, high-grade. In the gears of the transmission, the gear with a small number is called a low gear, and the gear with a smaller number, the greater the gear ratio, the greater the traction, and the lower the speed. For example, the gear ratio of a gear KOMATSU TRANSMISSION 17M-15-00072 is the largest in the forward gear, the lowest speed, and the largest traction. A large number of stalls is said to be high grade, the larger the number, the smaller the transmission ratio and the smaller the traction, but the higher the speed.
(8) shift. TRANSMISSION Transmission completes the conversion process of the gear ratio and shifts gears. The clutch shifts, which is called the clutch shifting, which is integrated with the gears and engages (or separates) the engaged gear ring and the clutch sleeve on the flank. The synchronizer shifts gears using the synchronizer. The gear shift not only has no impact and noise on the engagement teeth but also has a short shift time.
(9) skip file. During the driving of the automobile, the engagement sleeve is separated from the engagement ring gear due to engagement tooth wear, vibration, and the like, so that the transmission is in a neutral state.

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